Spawn/Haunt – November 2014

Spawn_Haunt main

My second competition winner is probably the biggest Spawn fan that I have ever met.  For his custom sculpt he decided to really test me skills by opting for a sculpt inspired by artwork on the cover of Spawn #234.  It featured an image of 1/2 Spawn and 1/2 Haunt.

I have to admit at several times during this project I nearly threw in the towel.  To add to my frustrations I had decided to use another brand of polymer clay (a mistake I will never make again) which proved extremely difficult to paint.

After months of trial and error I was finally happy, as I hope he will be.

Material – Polymer clay (local brand that I will never use again!)  Should have stuck to Super Sculpey

Armature – Aluminium wire

Paint – Acrylic